6th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2018 - TARGETS FOR MABS :
Innovative Approaches for their Discovery & Validation June 25 - 26 2018 / Montpellier | France
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schedule & speakers

Day 1

Monday, 25th June 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


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Session 1 – Validated Targets : lessons learned from success & failure in clinical – part I

Keynote Lecture

Roy Baynes

Roy Baynes, MD PhD
SVP and Head Global Clinical Development, Chief Medical Officer
Merck Sharp and Dohme, USA
Pembrolizumab – a transformative backbone anti-cancer therapy

Hervé Perron

Hervé Perron
Chief Scientific Officer
Geneuro SA, Switzerland
Geneuro-Innovation, France

Hans Martin Schneble

Hans Martin Schneble
Project Director

The neutralizing antibody GNbAC1 abrogates HERV-W envelope protein-mediated oligodendrocyte maturation blockade and inhibits TLR4-driven innate immune inflammation


Coffee Break – Networking – Partnering (B2B meetings)/ Poster Session


Session 1 – Validated Targets : lessons learned from success & failure in clinical – part II

Stéphanie Cornen

Stéphanie Cornen
Manager, Target Discovery
New NK immune checkpoint inhibitors

Nicolas Poirier

Nicolas Poirier
Chief Scientific Officier
OSE Immunotherapeutics, France
Development of anti-Interleukin-7 receptor antibody for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


Lunch– Networking – Partnering (B2B)/ Poster Session


Session 2 - Discovery Approaches : Accessing clinical material, Target Identification platforms, OMICS-based analysis

Bjorn Frendeus

Bjorn Frendeus
A patient centric function F.I.R.S.T™ approach to cancer immunotherapy discovery

Keynote Lecture

Mark Cragg

Mark Cragg, BSc, PhD
Professor of Experimental Cancer Research, Director of Cancer Pathway Integrated Postgraduate Programme
University of Southampton, UK
Targeting the inhibitory Fc gamma receptor Fc gamma RIIB: Challenges and opportunities

Marlon Stoeckius

Marlon Stoeckius
Senior Research Scientist
New York Genome Center, USA
CITE-seq: Highly multiplexed simultaneous measurement of epitopes and transcriptomes in single cells


Coffee Break – Networking – Partnering (B2B)/ Poster Session


Session 3 – Pitch Session – New Approaches/Technologies for Discovery & Validation of New Targets for mAbs

Astrid Musnier
In silico methods for antibody characterization and development

Bruno Tillier
President, Head of Business Development
Proteoliposomes as new tool to select active VHH binders by phage display technology

Elsa Kress
Study Director
Development of original in vivo tumor models for secondary resistance in Immune-oncology

Eva Sivado
PhD student
Centre Léon Bérard & Covalab
CovIsoLinkTM: New bacterial transglutaminase Q-tag substrate for the development of site-specific Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Guilhem Richard
Computational Immunologist
EpiVax Inc
Immune-Engineering Better Targets – When Proteins are ‘Clandestin’ (Stealth)

Jean-Jacques Mention
Head of Business Development
Humanized mouse system for proof of concept in Preclinical research for innovative medicine

Julien Nourikyan
Project Manager & Business Developer
Gating Automation: A method, Exemples & Tools

Michael Schwenkert
Technical Sales Manager – Custom Antibodies
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Discovery and validation of a novel fully synthetic chimeric antibody targeting Mannose-binding lectin-Associated Serine Protease 2 (MASP-2) exhibiting cardioprotection in a murine model of myocardial infarction

Pierre Martineau
Groupe Leader & Scientific Advisor
Inserm & iMAb
New innovative synthetic human libraries and display systems

Pongrama Ramasoota
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, CEAR
Neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies against Dengue virus

Séverine Giltaire
Senior Scientist
The use of in vitro assays to accelerate cancer immunotherapy development and reduce the risk of unwanted immunogenicity


End of Day One


Gala Dinner - Hôtel Haguenot

Day 2

Tuesday, 26th June 2018


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Session 4 - Pre-Clinical Validation : Methods , Models & Companion tests – part I

Keynote Lecture

Guus Van Dongen

Guus Van Dongen, PhD, Prof
VUmc Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Tracer Center Amsterdam
Project Leader
VU University Medical Imaging Center, Amsterdam
Current status of immuno-PET with Zirconium-89-labeled antibodies

François Romagné

François Romagné
Scientific Director
MI-mAbs, France
Knock in mice as preclinical models for evaluation of mAb candidates : example of human CD3e KI mice to evaluate bispecifics

Eric Trinquet

Eric Trinquet
Vice-President R&D
Cisbio Bioassays, France
Innovative fluorescent technologies to identify and characterize Biologics


Coffee Break – Networking – Partnering (B2B)/ Poster Session


Session 4 - Pre-Clinical Validation : Methods , Models & Companion tests – part II

Jacques Dumas

Jacques Dumas
Deputy Head Biologics Research Dpt Vitry / Head of Protein Science & Technology
Sanofi, France
Developability assessment of antibodies : Case Studies

Alain Beck

Alain Beck
Senior Director of Analytical Chemistry, New Biological Entities
Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre, France
Associated Editor
mAbs Journal, USA
Strategy and challenges for naked antibody and ADC target selection in oncology

Elizabeth Neyens

Elizabeth Neyens
Histalim, France
How histopathology helps in new target validation ?


Lunch– Networking – Partnering (B2B)/ Poster Session


Session 5 – Emerging Targets : immunocheckpoints & microenvironment

Keynote Lecture

Christina Claus

Christina Claus
Senior Scientist
Roche Innovation Center Zürich, Switzerland
FAP-4-1BBL: a next generation, targeted costimulatory agonist for cancer immunotherapy

David Shelton

David Shelton
Pfizer, USA
Development of anti-NGF antibodies as therapy for pain

Jean-François Prost

Jean-François Prost
Vice-President R&D and Strategy
GamaMabs Pharma, France
The Anti Mullerian Receptor Type II (AMHR2) as a novel target for addressing solid tumors

Johanna Rühmann

Johanna Rühmann
Senior Director, Internal project strategy & Cooperation
Glycotope GmbH, Germany
Tumor-specific carbohydrate antigens as preferable targets for novel bispecific antibody constructs

Cyril Rivat

Cyril Rivat
Associate Professor
University of Montpellier & Institution of Neuroscience in Montpellier (INM) INSERM U1051, France
The FLT3-tyrosine kinase receptor as a new and innovative therapeutic target for the management of chronic pain


Closing Remarks


End of Symposium

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