12th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2024 June 20 - 21 2024 | Montpellier - France


schedule & speakers

Day 1

Thursday, June 20th 2024


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Welcome Address - Einstein Auditorium



Next generation bispecific antibodies and antibody fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy
Roche Christian Klein

Christian Klein
Distinguished Scientist, is Department Head Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery 3, Head Oncology Programs & Site Head Roche Innovation Center Zurich
Roche pRED, Switzerland

Clinical development of bispecific antibodies and ADCs: toxicity mitigation and activity optimization strategies in expanded phase I trials
The Sarah Cannon Research Institute Elisa Fontana

Elisa Fontana
MD, PhD, Hospital Medical Director
The Sarah Cannon Research Institute in London, UK


Coffee Break at Exhibition Hall


Paving the way for the next-generation of Antibodies & New Modalities - Einstein Auditorium

Session I

KnotBodies: creating Ion Channel Modulating Antibodies by fusing Knottins in Antibody loops
Maxion Therapeutics John McCafferty

John McCafferty
Maxion Therapeutics, UK

From Sugars to Solutions: Advancing Cancer Therapeutics with Glycobiology
CellmAbs Paula Videira

Paula Videira
Co-founder and CTO
Associate Professor and Group Leader
UCIBIO, NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal

Engineering and characterization of ImmTAC
Immunocore Peter Molloy

Peter Molloy
Senior Fellow, Protein Engineering
Immunocore Ltd, UK

Talk by
Twist Bioscience

Antibody-based Cancer Therapies : latest developments - Barthez Auditorium

Bispecific Antibody Drug Conjugates (BsADCs): strategies and challenges
Pierre Fabre Alain Beck

Alain Beck
Senior Director, Biologics CMC & developability
Pierre Fabre, France

Innovative cancer therapies based on first-in-class antibodies anti-GPCR drug conjugates
Skymab Biotherapeutics Aiphi Andrée Nguyen

Aiphi Andrée Nguyen
Skymab Biotherapeutics, France

Title to be announced
Merus Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe
Director Antibody Engineering
Merus, Netherlands


Lunch at Exhibition Hall


Paving the way for the next-generation of Antibodies & New Modalities - Einstein Auditorium

Session II

Exploiting the advances of soloMER biologics to deliver multi-functional products for autoimmune diseases and cancer
Elasmogen Caroline Barelle

Caroline Barelle
CEO & founder
Elasmogen, UK

De novo high-throughput isolation of humanized VHH domains with favorable developability properties following camelid immunization
Merck Healthcare KGaA Stefan Zielonka

Stefan Zielonka
Global Head of Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering
Merck Healthcare KGaA
Professor of Biomolecular Immunotherapy
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Avidity Engineering : a next frontier in the development of differentiating antibody therapeutics
GYES Simone Oostindie

Simone Oostindie
Director Research & Discovery
GYES, Netherlands

Targeting tumor microenvironment with human antibodies demonstrating improved developability properties
Mabqi Anne Chevrel

Anne Chevrel
Head of Discovery
Mabqi, France

Discovery and Development on Non-IgG based antibodies treatments - Barthez Auditorium

Using IgE based antibodies to treat cancer
Epsilogen Elizabeth Hardaker

Elizabeth Hardaker
VP of Biology
Epsilogen, UK

Engineered monoclonal IgA for the treatment of cancer
Utrecht University Mitchell Evers

Mitchell Evers
Antibody Scientist
Utrecht University, Netherlands

Streamlining Therapeutic Antibody Development with a Homogeneous Bioluminescent Immunoassay for Signaling Pathway Analysis
Promega Hicham Zegzouti

Hicham Zegzouti
Senior Research Scientist - Group Leader
Promega, USA


Pitch Session : Innovative Approaches and New trend Technologies - Einstein Auditorium

Assessing the immunomodulatory effects of Immune Checkpoint Antibodies using 3D cell co-culture models
Real Research Marcin Krzykawski

Marcin Krzykawski
Real Research, Poland

Generation of nano-antibodies using extracellular vesicles for diagnostic purposes
LISM Clara Bouyx

Clara Bouyx
Post-Doc CNRS (Operations manager of the LabCom NVDIAG)
Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Macromoléculaires (LISM), France

APL-1030, a Novel High-Affinity Nanofitin Inhibitor of C3-Mediated Complement Activation
Affilogic Matthieu Cinier

Matthieu Cinier
Affilogic, France

A new technology for lysosomal targeted degradation of extracellular and membrane proteins: antibody engineering with mannose 6-phosphate analogues
NanoMedSyn Ilaria Basile

Ilaria Basile
R&D manager
NanoMedSyn, France

Tumor associated macrophages targeting with a new specific monoclonal antibody
Inserm Mary Poupot

Mary Poupot
Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Toulouse, Inserm, France

A novel Fc-engineered cathepsin D-targeting antibody enhances ADCC, triggers tumor-infiltrating NK cell recruitment, and improves treatment with paclitaxel and enzalutamide in triple-negative breast cancer
IRCM Emmanuelle Liaudet-Coopman

Emmanuelle Liaudet-Coopman
Senior Scientist, DR2
Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier (IRCM)
Inserm U1194
Université Montpellier
Institut Régional du Cancer de Montpellier (ICM), France

Involvement of tumor microenvironment during targeted radionuclide therapy
IRCM Timothée David

Timothée David
Post-doctoral Researcher
Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier (IRCM)
Inserm U1194, France

Leveraging Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology to advance label-free biosensing for antibody screening and Point of Care diagnostics
Delta Diagnostics Joël van der Vegt

Joël van der Vegt
Business Development Specialist
Delta Diagnostics, The Netherlands

Epitope mapping case studies by Deep Mutational Scanning
Deeptope Raphael Sierocki

Raphael Sierocki
Deeptope, France

Workshop ENOTTA - European Network on Optimising Treatment with Therapeutic Antibodies in chronic inflammatory diseases (ENOTTA): Assembling a Multidisciplinary Puzzle - Barthez Auditorium

University of Groningen Olga Pitsillidou

Olga Pitsillidou
Officer in the Pharmaceutical Care Team
Health Insurance Organization Cyprus (HIO) & University of Groningen

University of Belgrade Azra Guzonjić

Azra Guzonjić
Teaching Assistant
University of Belgrade, Serbia

University of Belgrade Ana Homšek

Ana Homšek
Teaching Assistant
University of Belgrade, Serbia

University of Iceland Georgios Kararigas

Georgios Kararigas
University of Iceland, Iceland


Round table - Enhancing Investment Understanding - Einstein Auditorium


Investor's Pitch - Einstein Auditorium

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Poster Presentation - Dinner Cocktail Reception at Exhibition Hall


Announcement of « BEST POSTER » by Biothérapie Innovation Occitanie

Biotherapie Innovation Occitanie


End of DAY 1

Day 2

Friday, June 21st 2024


Welcome coffee


Efficacity and safety from preclinical to FIH trials - Einstein Auditorium

Session I

Feasibility Assessment in Therapeutic Antibody Development: Leveraging PK/PD Modeling to Navigate Challenges and Mitigate Pitfalls
Lyo-X Lionel Renaud

Lionel Renaud
PK/PD and Systems Pharmacology modeler
Lyo-X, Switzerland

From preclinical to clinical: PK-PD modelling of an antibody drug conjugate for therapeutic index prediction
Pierre Fabre Laurence del Frari

Laurence del Frari
Pharmacokineticist, Modeling & Simulation
Pierre Fabre, France

Non-oncology diseases/next generation of immunotherapies - Barthez Auditorium

The role of broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV cure strategies
Institut for Klinisk Medicin, Aarhus University Ole Søgaard

Ole Søgaard
Institut for Klinisk Medicin, Aarhus University, Denmark

Multimeric complexes to unlock the therapeutic potential of innate immunity
Luxemburg Institut of Health Carole Seguin Devaux

Carole Seguin-Devaux
Head of Research Unit
Luxemburg Institut of Health, Luxemburg

Immunotherapy for SARS-CoV2 infections
IRMB-INSERM U1183-CHU Saint Eloi, France Mireia Pelegrin

Mireia Pelegrin
DR-CNRS, Head of Antibodies, Immunomodulation and Immunotherapy group
IRMB-INSERM U1183-CHU Saint Eloi, France


Coffee Break at Exhibition Hall


Efficacity and safety from preclinical to FIH trials - Einstein Auditorium

Session II

Pharmacokinetics strategies to support First in Human studies for different biotherapeutic modalities
SANOFI Antoine Deslandes

Antoine Deslandes
Global Head of Pharmacokinetics for Devices & Biotherapeutics
SANOFI, France

Title to be announced
AstraZeneca Alex Phipps

Alex Phipps
Executive Director. Head of Clinical Pharmacology and Quantitative Pharmacology (CPQP) - Oncology
AstraZeneca, UK

Title to be announced
SGS Luc-Alain Savoy

Luc-Alain Savoy
Global Head of Biologics
SGS, Switzerland

AI and Machine Learning for Antibody discovery and Optimization - Barthez Auditorium

Computational Approaches to Antibody Optimization and Humanization
University of Cambridge Pietro Sormanni

Pietro Sormanni
Group Leader, Royal Society Univ. Research Fellow
University of Cambridge, UK

Towards an Integrated Platform for Antibody Discovery
SANOFI Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips
Head of Biologics AI Platform

Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence in antibody discovery
MabSilico Thomas Bourquard

Thomas Bourquard
CSO and co-founder
MabSilico, France


Lunch at Exhibition Hall


Advancing new Antibodies approaches into the Clinic - Einstein Auditorium

First-in-Class anti-ChemR23 pro-resolutive agonist mAbs triggers the Resolution of chronic Inflammation
Ose Immunotherapeutics Nicolas Poirier

Nicolas Poirier
Ose Immunotherapeutics, France

Next-generation bispecific T cell engagers with built-in autoregulation to prevent treatment-related adverse events in adoptive T cell immunotherapies
NovalGen Vincent Muczynski

Vincent Muczynski
Director of Biology
NovalGen Ltd
Research Fellow
University College London - Cancer Institut, UK

Title to be announced
Acticor Biotech
Accelerating drug discovery using advanced antibody development platforms
Sino Biological Yu-Chih Lin

Yu-Chih Lin
PhD. Technical specialist
Sino Biological, Netherlands

Innovative Approaches to overcome Bioprocessing Challenges - Barthez Auditorium

Innovations in DSP and new trends
SANOFI Benoit Mothes

Benoit Mothes
Head of Purification Process Development
SANOFI, France

Continuous options in DSP of mabs, scale-up and quality data
LFB Biomanufacturing David Balbuena

David Balbuena
Director of Business Development
LFB Biomanufacturing, France


Closing Keynote - Einstein Auditorium

Title to be announced
Institute for Research in Biomedicine Luca Varani

Luca Varani
Structural Biology Group Leader
Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Switzerland


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End of Congress

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