12th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2024 June 20 - 21 2024 | Montpellier - France



How to analyze NGS antibody sequence data in PipeBio
June 20th 2024 at 13h00 in Barthez Auditorium

The PipeBio bioinformatics platform makes the analysis of large NGS and Sanger sequencing datasets fast and easy, enabling researchers to find high quality sequence candidates for antibodies and related molecules.

In this workshop, we will re-analyze a public NGS dataset and walk through the steps in detail. You will learn about QC, sequence annotation, clustering, comparison, sequence prioritization, visualization, integration with assay data, hit-picking and more.

Simit Patel

Given by Simit Patel
Senior Field Applications Scientist
PipeBio, Denmark


European Network on Optimising Treatment with Therapeutic Antibodies in chronic inflammatory diseases (ENOTTA): Assembling a Multidisciplinary Puzzle
June 20th 2024 at 16h00 in Barthez Auditorium

Speakers :

University of Groningen Olga Pitsillidou

Olga Pitsillidou
Officer in the Pharmaceutical Care Team
Health Insurance Organization Cyprus (HIO) & University of Groningen

University of Belgrade Azra Guzonjić

Azra Guzonjić
Teaching Assistant
University of Belgrade, Serbia

University of Belgrade Ana Homšek

Ana Homšek
Teaching Assistant
University of Belgrade, Serbia

University of Iceland Georgios Kararigas

Georgios Kararigas
University of Iceland, Iceland

Atelier par ManpowerAssociation Bernard Gregory

Nourrir l'innovation : Attirer et recruter les meilleurs talents dans l'industrie du Biomédicament
June 21st 2024 at 13h00 in Barthez Auditorium

Au cours de cet atelier, les tendances actuelles et les défis du recrutement pour le secteur de la santé seront abordés, suivi d’une discussion sur des idées et bonnes pratiques, étayée par des exemples, des témoignages et des Q/R.

Animateurs :

Muriel Fossati

Muriel Fossati
Manager Life Science, Réseau Experts & Cadres
Manpower Life Science

Clément Fayard

Clément Fayard
Réseau Experts & Cadres, Responsable d'agence
Manpower Life Science

Floriane Lacour

Floriane Lacour
Responsable du Pôle Relations Entreprises, Partenariats et Recrutement
Association Bernard Gregory

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